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10 June, 2020

Introduction to Medical Textiles with International Consortium Agreement

Serving the rachel knitted products to defense industry; TDU Defense also focuses on use of it’s Technologies to develop innovative products for a variety of textile markets. Being an active player in international R&D circle in partnership with Sun Tekstil R&D Center; TDU Defense, started it’s first international R&D Project with acronym “PARITEX” in 01.01.2019 in collaboration with Romania’s leading medical technology developers for development of medical technical textiles. 
This innovative csnsortium consists of; one of the biggest institutes of Romania The National Research & Development Institute for Textiles and Leather (INCDTP) and an innovative medical sector SME SC SANIMED International Impex SRL (SANIMED).  Within the PARITEX Project; the novel absorbable – semi absorbable hybrit raw materials developed by INCDTP will be used for nanofiber production with electrospinning technology by SANIMED and the active layers produced using nanofibers will be applied to the rachel mesh structures that will be developed by TDU Defense in order to reach the novel mesh structures for hernia repair. 
The PARITEX Project that is financed under MANUNET Program has a 24 months duration and will be completed at 31.12.2020. 

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