About Us

TDU Savunma Sistemleri is a company operating in the field of Technical Textile in Defense Industry. Textile and derivative products are produced which prevent detection by all known reconnaissance and surveillance sensors. Working as a solution and project partner with their customers, TDU Savunma rapidly supplies innovative demands. TDU Savunma produces an advenced camuflage nets that are used for military purposes, visual camouflage near-infrared camouflage, thermal protection and radar protection nets, protective textile products for military vehicles and ammunition, inflatable dummy targets, tent systems, composite and other similar products in accordance with MIL-STA-810G standard. TDU Savunma which has a NATO and National Facility Security Certificate and a Production Permit Certificate, carries out all operations related to its products in its own.

TDU Savunma Sistemleri and Teknik Tekstil AS, located in Torbali/Izmir, is the leader company of the defense industry sector which is producing military technical textile which reduces infrared and radar trace.

TDU has been manufacturing enhanced two-dimensional multi-spectral camouflage net which is the preferred choice for today's modern armies and prevents enemy to detect and identify tanks, armoured vehicles, weapon systems and command control posts with visual, termal, night-vision devices and radars. The camouflage net (VIS / NIR /SWIR/LWIR and Broadband Radar coverage) is hundred percent domestic product. TDU has recently become a firm preferred by the armed forces of foreign countries. TDU's works and development projects with Army, Navy and Air Force on management of thermal signature and attenuation of radar cross section have been continuing. Reducing the thermal and radar signatures of the Navy warships and war planes, hiding warplanes and helicopters on the ground, manufacturing inflatable dummy sea and land targets to deceive the enemy and deflect the weapon systems used are also carried out in close cooperation with the user. TDU also manufactures Mobile Camouflage Systems for tanks and other armored vehicles; designs special clothing that provides visual and thermal protection for Special Operations elements and snipers, inflatable tents/command centres and inflatable dummy sea and land targets. In this regard, our company responds to the demands of foreign countries, as well. TDU is a SASAD member and a registered supplier of NSPA, the procurement unit of NATO.

Having the NATO and National Facility Security Certificate and Production Permit Certificate, TDU Defense carries out all the operations of its products within its own structure, produces according to MIL-STA-810G standard.

Our Mission

To provide innovative and fast service at the ahead of the era, by closely following the economic developments in the field of technical textile in the Defense Industry.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred solution partner in the technical textile industry with our domestic and national identity

Our Strategy

To be a proactive player in the sector by following the needs in the Defense Industry and the political developments in the World.

Our Values

Being proactive, shareholder satisfaction, employee satisfaction, work safety, respect to the environment and people.

Our Capabilities

Thanks to its expert staff and production infrastructure, TDU Defense produces high performance technical textile products by performing warp knitting, all finishing and apparel processes.

TDU Defense specializes in visual, near infrared  camoflage, radar and thermal protective camouflage nets, protective textiles for military vehicles and ammunition, inflatable dummy targets, inflatable tents, hangar, composites and other similar products, used extensively in the field of defense. It produces sophisticated and leading products domestically.


As TDU Savunma,  while carrying out our production activities, our main goal is to maximize the interests of our employees, stakeholders with whom we interact, the society we live in and our country. In this context, integrating our quality, environment, work safety and security policy into our processes is our main principle. 

We undertake that we will continuously improve our processes and carry out our activities in accordance with these laws and standards in the light of national, international laws, standards and other requirements that we accept as guidance.

In customer demands and requests, we will try to provide our products and services with the goal of sustainable excellence and zero defect. We aim to be appropriate and developable to the system in cooperation with our subcontractors and suppliers.


Our priority will be to identify and meet the needs that are necessary for the personal and professional development and protection of the human resources we have and will have.
We commit to create a working environment with the least risk factor for our employees, subcontractors, and to ensure the improvement of the environment and our employees, to prevent environmental pollution and work accidents by keeping the environmental, occupational health and safety laws in mind. TDU Savunma will continue to provide the necessary trainings for the internalization of occupational health and safety activities in order to ensure the occupational health and safety of its employees, to reduce work accidents to zero and to raise awareness on occupational diseases.

TDU Savunma is committed by the management to ensure continuous development and improvement with the participation of employees at the points in the “Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Policy”.